Van Abanet, onze Ethiopische PR man: Day two

8 oktober 2012 - Muke Turi, Ethiopië

Day Two, October 7 2012

53Km – At the early morning Fetra Village looks wonderful as the team prepare for the day’s challenge ahead of it, today will be the toughest day it’s a day of climbing up and down mountains by bicycle in a gruesome hot weather which could reach a staggering 30-35 degree centigrade mind you this is not for the fainthearted, it takes a lote of courage and commitment to this kind of remarkably difficult challenges, it seems nothing will stop this team from achieve their goal.

74Km – we are at the starting point of the most challenging mountain of this trip, it’s so challenging even car drivers who pass through this mountain has given it a name “Bedlu Building”, they named it after a building in Addis Ababa which was the tallest building of the city in late eighty’s. These maintain is 1500 mater high and 20km long. For non bicker like me it’s crazy even to think of it let alone doing it in this burning weather.

94KM – “though” said smiling and heavy breathing Noud when he reaches at the top the “Bedlu Building”, “wooo hooooo” was Tom’s response to my camera with look of  “I’ve done” on his face, “we did it said” Victor on his and Bert’s arrival to the top. At that point just asked myself would I go through this to help a people not even my country would I do that would most ordinary people go through this? Well one time Maradona(yes the football player) said when asked who is his idol in football, he said “Chekuvera”  “but he is not a football player” said right away the confused journalist “yes! But I took his desire and commitment, he fought for people he even didn’t know the country he was not from” this was after he won the world cup for his country.

People can do in need of help for whom around them but doing it for the place they never been before must be very historical. Victor, Bert, and Margot not even been in Ethiopia before and Noud he was here 7 years ago with his son Tom.

97Km – Lemi the end of day two, today the team climbed a combined 1508 meter upward and 1000 meter downhill. Day two was anticipated by all it could be the most difficult and it didn’t disappoint at all.

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